Verjee Law understands that conflict may arise in business ventures that affect not only an individual’s personal assets but also the success and growth of the business. Our lawyers resolve shareholder and partnership disputes efficiently and effectively while ensuring that individual interests and the integrity of the business remain protected.

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Verjee Law understands that conflict amongst shareholders and business partners can severely impact the success and growth of a business and must be handled in a sensitive and timely manner, with a view to ensuring the interests of our clients are recognized in their business pursuits.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in conflict arising in the context of various forms of business organizations, including shareholder and partnership disputes.  We have assisted our clients in achieving creative, timely and cost-effective resolutions to a variety of conflicts amongst business associates, including disputes involving a breach of contract or fiduciary duties, violation of shareholder rights, fraud or misappropriation of corporate opportunities and injunctions. Once a resolution has been attained, our office will assist in finalizing the corporate documentation necessary to give effect to the resolution achieved on behalf of our client.

At Verjee Law, we provide common-sense advice and work with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to address shareholder and partnership disputes in order to allow for the ongoing success and growth of our clients’ business interests.

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