Verjee Law is committed to working with its clients to find practical and creative strategies to resolve legal disputes.  Our lawyers have significant expertise in arbitration, providing an alternative to court proceedings that allows for a more flexible, timely and confidential resolution of commercial disputes.

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Verjee Law has broad experience in domestic and international commercial arbitration. Arbitration provides a private forum for resolution of disputes and permits the parties to choose their arbitrators based on their experience and expertise and allows for a more flexible litigation process.  Our lawyers have argued wide ranging complex, commercial issues in various institutional and ad-hoc arbitration settings, relying on their experience, expertise and knowledge in developing a strategy that presents our clients’ position in the best possible light.  Given our extensive level of experience, we are able to guide our clients through this specialized process.

Our lawyers also have experience in arbitration-related judicial proceedings.  We have acted as counsel on stay applications, appointment/removal of arbitrators, jurisdiction challenges and appeals from arbitral awards.

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