Publications and Seminars

  • Negotiation and Closing Skills - Skilled Lawyer Series

    The Canadian Bar Association, Zul Verjee K.C.

  • Cross-Examination at Trial

    National Presentation, Zul Verjee K.C.

  • Don’t Slip Up: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Workers’ Compensation Law

    Client Seminar, Verjee Team

  • Your Claimants: The Good, The Bad and Those Other Ones (Good Faith and Bad Faith)

    Client Seminar, Verjee Team

  • Summary Judgment: A Tool for Resolving Insurance Claims

    Client Seminar, Verjee Team

  • Deeming Injuries to be Minor

    Client Seminar, Verjee Team

  • Property: Assessment of Claims and the Types of Experts

    Client Seminar, Verjee Team

  • Pony Up! The Cap is Crap: A Comprehensive Quantum Review Since the Implementation of the Minor Injury Regulation

    Client Seminar, Verjee Team

  • A Brief Overview of Credibility and Reliability in Personal Injury Cases

    Client Seminar, Verjee Team

  • Life Insurance Claims: Common Issues and Problems

    Canadian Bar Association – Insurance Section, Peter Cline

  • NAFTA Takings Update – The Glamis Decision” (2012) 5:1 Journal of World Energy Law and Business

    Christine Viney (with Allan Ingelson and Lincoln Mitchell)

  • Fatal Accidents: Compensation for Dependents

    Megan Klein

  • Conduct and Coverage: The Standard Mortgage Clause and Indemnification for Illegal Acts

    Ashley Christie

  • Sparrowhawk v. Zapolnitsky: What It Says, What It Means

    Christine Viney

  • Minors’ Claims: How to Achieve A Binding Resolution

    Erynne Schuster

  • Coming Soon to an Insurance Act Near You!

    Christine Viney

  • Dispute Resolution II Course

    University of Calgary Law School, Zul Verjee, Jim McCartney, Bryan Duguid and The Honourable J.D. Rooke

  • The Pros and Cons of Practising in Construction Law

    Canadian Lawyer Magazine, Erynne Schuster

  • The Potential for Personal Liability

    Megan Klein

  • Limitation Provisions in All Peril Policies

    Megan Klein

  • Communication for the Purpose: Privilege and Claims Handling

    Zul Verjee, Q.C.

  • The Minor Injury Regulation: Now What?

    Zul Verjee Q.C.

  • Spoliation: To destroy or not to destroy?

    Christine Viney

  • Pitfalls to Handling Catastrophic Claims

    David Kitchen

  • Dependants Relief: An Update

    Legal Education Society of Alberta, Ashley Christie (Co-Author)

  • Managing a File from Defence Perspective

    Calgary Bar Association Alberta - Civil Litigation Section, Zul Verjee Q.C., David Kitchen

  • Running a Jury Trial

    Presentation to the Calgary Bar Association Alberta - Civil Litigation Section, Zul Verjee Q.C.

  • Overcoming Obstacles to your Case

    Presentation to Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association (3-Day Conference in Alberta), Zul Verjee Q.C., James D. Cumming

  • Running Jury Trials

    Presentation to the Canadian Bar Association, Zul Verjee Q.C., David Kitchen

  • Causation in Today’s Litigation

    Canadian Claims Manager Conference, Presentation, Zul Verjee Q.C.

  • Evidence - Practical Issues Effecting the Insurance Industry

    University of Calgary Evidence Course, Zul Verjee Q.C.

  • Practical Consideration for Brain Injuries

    Lexpert Magazine, Zul Verjee Q.C.

  • Evidence At Trial : Advanced Issues

    Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association, Edmonton, Calgary, Peter Cline, David Kitchen